How to Activate Windows 7 using windows 7 loader activator

Nowadays, windows 7 operating system of Microsoft has become one of the top most wanted software in the industry. Most of the companies which run with Microsoft products are now using windows 7 since its simple user friendly interface.
Many users, who used to use Windows Vista, started using windows 7 after its release in year 2009. It needed the same requirements which Windows Vista needed and those PC’s named "Vista Supported" eventually placed by windows 7.
Microsoft has updated many things with this OS, including the list here,

Normally a single Windows 7 License costs around $100 in the market. But the problem is most of the PC users can’t afford a cost like that in modern days for a software license. So what people intend to do is, use a Windows 7 Activator to make their copy of windows 7, a genuine Microsoft product. So that they can use the OS freely, without paying.
But most of the windows 7 Activators available online are either viruses or adware, created for hacking purposes. So, you'll have to be very careful, if you are downloading an activator over internet.
Even among the working activators, Most of the patches do not update their activators once its created, so those windows 7 activators become vulnerable after few months’ time.

Due to these reasons, our developer team has developed a windows 7 activator which they update frequently, due to the windows updates. Unlike other activators, this piece of software is easy to use. All you need to do is, click one button and restart your PC to apply the registry patches.
We value the free software distribution and helping the people in need, that is the main reason for creating this patch. Our team work hard to keep this updated. Microsoft always renews their security systems and components.

With our activator, you don’t have to be afraid of viruses and spyware, we have included a virus total scan report in our site too. It is totally free and user friendly to download and install. Help our free software distribution by sharing this article among social networks.

Installation Instructions

  • Make sure to disable your Antivirus program First! (Otherwise, Windows 7 loader Activator cannot apply registry patch and activation will fail!)
  • Download Windows 7 Activator From Here. (If it blocked by Chrome, you can use this mirror)

  • Run and Install.
  • Reboot your PC to finish the permanent activation.
  • Enjoy!

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